Business and Business-Related Litigation.

Michael Goch has successfully represented business entities and individuals as both plaintiffs and defendants in business-related litigation including, without limitation, contract disputes, partnership dissolutions, real estate matters, franchise disputes, eviction suits, fraud actions, business torts and unfair claims and practices proceedings. The majority of this litigation has been in California Superior Courts, but Mr. Goch has also litigated such matters in Federal Court and the United States Bankruptcy Court. Further, Mr. Goch has been counsel pro hac vice (for purposes of the particular case only) in certain courts in jurisdictions other than California. During the course of his practice, Mr. Goch has tried cases before both judges and juries and has represented clients through the appellate process.

As with most litigation matters, incentives for settlement short of trial, as well as disposition of the case by motion, is best obtained by thorough pre-trial preparation, discovery and successful law and motion practice. Mr. Goch is experienced in such matters, having engaged in extensive depositions (both taking and defending), having successfully obtained orders for summary judgment/summary adjudication, and having successfully opposed motions for summary judgment/summary adjudication, as well as other law and motion procedures.

Legal Malpractice.

Throughout his career, Mr. Goch has both successfully defended attorneys in legal malpractice actions and has also successfully prosecuted civil actions against attorneys on behalf of plaintiffs who were the victims of legal malpractice. Such cases tend to be fought very aggressively due to the fact that attorneys are not usually willing to admit to having made costly mistakes. As a result, it is generally only through aggressive pre-trial litigation that such cases are successfully resolved on behalf of the client, whether they be plaintiff or defendant.

Personal Injury/Tort Representation.

Michael Goch has successfully represented plaintiffs, as well as defendants, in personal injury and tort litigation in California courts. These cases have included catastrophic automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents and slip and fall cases.

The Law Offices of Michael Goch, A Professional Corporation, will represent certain plaintiffs in personal injury litigation on a contingent fee basis (i.e., no attorneys’ fees paid unless there is a recovery, and then based upon a percentage of the recovery).

As is the case with most litigation, aggressive and thorough preparation is key to obtaining a successful settlement, judgment or verdict.

Bankruptcy-Related Litigation.

Michael Goch has represented both creditors and debtors in litigation in the United States Bankruptcy Court. He has also served as special counsel, representing trustees or bankruptcy estates, as well as represented defendants in actions brought on behalf of trustees.

This litigation experience includes successfully challenging Chapter 13 plans, defending debtors and third parties against claims brought on behalf of the estate, bringing and defending relief from stay actions and representing both creditors and debtors in non-dischargeability proceedings.